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S18E01 “Gianfranco Cecconi” show notes, recorded 20 March 2018

Gianfranco’s contacts are:

Gianfranco Cecconi
Digital Contraptions Imaginarium Ltd.
Twitter: @_d28m_

– About GAFA perhaps not being as evil as we think, read Gianfranco’s “Facebook employees are humans, too” and “When the tech world goes to sh*t, I love to be the naïve optimist”.

– About the importance of language and culture in understanding data matters, and about how “wrong” it is to talk about “my data” instead of “control”, read Gianfranco’s “The data ownership delusion”.

– The point around adequate compensation for people sacrificing their privacy – and governments’ potential obligation to prevent unfair exchanges – is discussed by the European Data Protection Supervisor in “Opinion 4/2017 – on the Proposal for a Directive on certain aspects concerning contracts for the supply of digital content”.

– DataKind UK and Gianfranco’s experience running a “GDPR book club”  was featured in the Economist.

– Gianfranco discusses minimisation. The story of how data that was not minimised and lost enabled breakthrough scientific discovery >40 years later is told – indirectly – by Malcolm Gladwell in the “The Basement Tapes” episode of his Revisionist History podcast.


Contact us at or @mydataorg on Twitter.

We thank the Metropolitan New York Library Council for letting us record in their studio at 599 11th Ave in New York City. Music is by @dcuttermusic / and Joakim Karud @joakimkarud /

(C) MyData 2018. The MyData Podcast was produced by Gianfranco Cecconi. The host was Molly Schwartz. Video and audio are available for redistribution under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC licence version 4.0 International.

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