An approach for fighting COVID-19 and beyond: MyData

  [Join us on MyData vs COVID-19 calls every Wednesday 15:00-16:00 CEST. For details, join mydata.org/slack #coronadata channel.] The whole world is looking for ways to curb and combat COVID-19: vaccines are being developed, medications are being tested and personal data-based applications to track and isolate the suspected cases are being built. The digital solutions introduced...
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MyData vs COVID-19

  [Join us on the regular MyData vs COVID-19 calls. For details, see the mydata.org/slack #coronadata channel.] It’s beyond question that we need data to combat the pandemic. Every one of us has three lives: a public, a private, and a secret life. Before COVID-19, there were things we shared publicly, things we shared privately,...
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The European data strategy is all about YOU

MyData Global’s comment on the European data strategy released 19 February 2020 “In a society where individuals will generate ever increasing amounts of data, the way in which the data are collected and used must place the interests of the individual first, in accordance with European values, fundamental rights and rules.” A European strategy for...
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