MyData case: The Creative Passport for empowering the creative industry with personal data


Country: The United Kingdom / Estonia

Domain: Music Industry

Target group:

  • Today: Music makers, artist representatives, music services

  • Future: creative industries as a whole

Keywords: Music industry, creative industry, personalised ID, digital ID, efficiency, data economy, fair monetisation, information accuracy, p2p, knowledge sharing

Contact: Carlotta De Ninni, CEO
Carlotta at

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Case description

The Creative Passport – empowering the creative industry with personal data.

An identity database, professional networking platform, and metadata store space for anyone and everyone in the music industry, whether the creatives or the business personnel.

It’s also an Identity verifier (single sign-on option) with third party services.


CREATIVEPASSPORT MTU is a nonprofit company

Value proposition

Empower music makers to control and update their data so that third party services can do better business with this information.



The information flow between third party music services, artist representatives and music makers is not working. The information is often incorrect and hard to update. The music makers don’t have a good enough tool to provide this information


  • A personalised ID that allows the artist to update, manage and control all information about them and their work.
  • A decentralised registry which contains verified profile information and partnerships for new and existing data. 


MyData Principles

Principle 1. Human-centric control of personal data

Principle 2. Individual as the point of integration

Principle 3. Individual empowerment

Principle 4. Portability: access and re-use

Principle 5. Transparency and accountability

Principle 6. Interoperability

How and which MyData principles are you incorporating most?

Principle 1.
We still need to educate the music makers the importance of controlling their data. There’s understanding but it requires more explanation. People are craving to get it right.

Principle 2
Music makers should finally have the ability to contribute data and link to their works directly from one trusted place without multiple profiles to keep updated, and passwords to remember.

Principle 6.
The users should be able to move their data easily and protected between service providers.

Data types used

  • Identifiers
  • Demographic
  • Descriptive
  • Location
  • Permissions/ Consents
  • Preferences
  • Relationships
  • Data Transaction (service management and meta data)

Other organisations involved

How can the MyData community help you reach your goals?

  • Being in contact with other companies and share learning processes, issues, solutions
  • Help to design the user experience 
  • “The more the merrier” – Anyone else also trying to “make it right” in the creative industry?

Video explanation

The Creative Passport – MyData Case Library presentation