Community survey

The MyData community has been in existence for some years already and MyData Global as an official organisation is now 5 months old. In order to understand the membership of the organisation and the MyData community as a whole better, the leadership team has decided to conduct a short and simple survey!

During the community meeting in Barcelona in November, a clear awareness emerged that MyData Global exists to serve the community around MyData. This is why we want to understand even better what it is that you, the community, want and need.

We appreciate your honest feedback on the following questions – it will give guidance how to serve the community in the best possible way. Please share this survey also with your MyData friends or colleagues to reach more people.

In addition to helping shape the direction of the organisation, all respondents who do not wish to remain anonymous will be entered into a raffle for a free pass to this year’s greatest conference, MyData 2019 on 25-27 September in Helsinki, Finland.