Internal regulation for Local hubs & Thematic groups

1. Definition, purpose and affiliation to MyData Global

1.1 The MyData Global association operates globally and engages with a diverse group of stakeholders and shall facilitate an open, participatory and collaborative environment.

1.2 MyData Initiatives are the locus of MyData Global’s activity and an important means to realise its purpose and mission as defined in the bylaws (Section 2.1) and the MyData Declaration.

1.3 There are two (2) types of MyData Initiatives:
Local hub (hereinafter also “Hub”) – active team in a certain geographic area (city/ region/ country) with at least two (2) MyData Global members and growing network of participants.
Thematic Group (hereinafter also “Group”) is a team of at least two (2) MyData Global members and a growing network of participants who are connected around specific domain or theme. Groups are not tied to geographic location.

2. Setting up

  • Teams can apply for becoming a MyData Initiative by filling in this form.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the representative(s) of an existing Initiative and a dedicated person from MyData Global team.
  • In the application form, Initiatives are asked to describe their Action plan for the upcoming year. The plan is the basis for discussions with a fellow Initiative in order to support the establishment of a new Hub or Group.
  • After the application is being seconded by the fellow Hub or Group, dedicated person from MyData Global will add the new Hub or Group to the active list of Initiatives, which will be presented and confirmed at the monthly Board meeting.
  • In case the newly emerging Initiative is a legal entity, an Agreement is made between the Initiative and MyData Global.

2.1 Requirements of an Initiative

  • There should be at least two (2) MyData Global members (individual or organisational) to form an Initiative
  • The Initiative’s name must include “MyData”. This may be translated into native languages.
    An Initiative need to appoint a Coordinator and share their contact information with MyData Global team for publication. The Coordinator should be a member of MyData Global. The Coordinator will be the main representative of an Initiative, and his/her primary role will be to develop and maintain the strategy for the Initiative together with its participants.

2.2 Important considerations

  • Initiatives can consist of both individuals and organisations, and may, but do not need to be legal entities.
  • MyData Global shall encourage the creation of Initiatives, and support them in the execution of their Action plans.

3. Rights and Responsibilities of the Initiatives in relation to MyData Global

The following rights and responsibilities apply only to the Initiatives with an active status.

3.1 Rights of a Initiative

  • Branding and tools: Initiatives are entitled to use MyData Global’s branding according to the Branding Guidelines (upcoming) as well as the online tools, such as Slack workspace, account, website, email alias, etc. .
  • Support and guidance: Initiatives have the right for support and guidance from MyData Global (eg. guidelines for operations, organising meetings, communications; support in finding sponsors etc.)
  • Small grants: Initiatives can apply for financial support from MyData Global to eg. organise an event, acquire an online tool etc. according to the small grants guidelines (upcoming).

3.2 Responsibilities of an Initiative

  • Keep MyData Global updated about the correct contact information of the Initiative and it’s Coordinator.
  • Initiatives are expected to promote regularly the MyData Global’s Membership and activities in their own activities and communication.
  • Initiatives are responsible for their management, strategy and budget. All activities of the Initiative should be aligned with the general mission of MyData Global.
    Initiatives are expected to support the development of the MyData Global organisation and promote it’s purpose and mission.

4. Maintaining the Initiative’s status

  • An Initiative maintains its active status as long as it meets the criteria stated in Section 2.1.
    MyData Global maintains up to date list of currently active Initiatives at &
  • In case of inactivity or conflicting activities or aims, MyData Global has the right to inquire and receive more information about the reasons and/or any unmentioned issues. If these are unacceptable to MyData Global it may remove the active Initiative status.

5. Improvement of these regulations

  • Hubs & Groups can suggest changes to the Internal regulations after deliberations with reasonable timeframe and representation from the Initiatives.
  • Twice a year in the Spring- and Autumn General meetings these internal regulations are updated if necessary and approved version will be used.
  • Immediately after the general meeting the status of all initiatives are verified according to the approved regulation and the active initiatives list is updated

These internal regulations were approved by the Autumn General Meeting 2018, 15 November 2018 in Barcelona. They will be revised and submitted for approval by the Spring General Meeting 2020.