MyData Initiatives

Making the MyData vision happen, and making it right takes place in various local and thematic groups – the MyData Initiatives.


There are two types of Initiatives:

  1. Local hubs are active teams in a certain geographic area (city/ region/ country) with at least two MyData Global members and growing network of participants.
  2. Thematic Groups are teams of at least two MyData Global members and a growing network of participants who are connected around specific domain or theme. Groups are not tied to geographic location.

Support Initiatives

MyData Global members have the opportunity to support Initiative’s activity by making 50% of their membership fee available for the sole use of ONE initiative. Members can change their preference in the next year!

Here are the currently active Initiatives*:



ATLANTA (US) #hub-atlanta / atlanta(at)
AUSTRIA austria(at)
BARCELONA (Spain) #hub-barcelona / barcelona[at]
BRAZIL brazil[at]
BRUSSELS #hub-brussels / brussels(at)
CAMEROON #hub-cameroon / cameroon(at)
DENMARK #hub-denmark / denmark[at]
FRANCE #hub-france / france[at]

#hub-geneva / geneva[at]


#hub-germany / germany[at]

GREECE #hub-greece / greece[at]
HUNGARY hungary[at]
JAPAN #hub-japan / japan[at]
KOREA #hub-south-korea / korea[at]

#hub-london / london[at]

MADRID (Spain)

#hub-madrid / madrid[at]

NETHERLANDS #hub-netherlands  / netherlands[at]
SCOTLAND #hub-scotland / scotland[at]
SILICON VALLEY #hub-silicon-valley / siliconvalley[at]
SLOVENIA #hub-slovenia / slovenia[at]
SOUTH-WESTERN UK #hub-southwestuk / southwestuk[at]
SWEDEN #hub-sweden / sweden[at]
SYDNEY (Australia) #hub-sydney / sydney[at]
ZURICH #hub-zurich / zurich[at]



A NEW GOVERNANCE #anewgovernance /
HEALTH #group-health-data / health[at]

Interested in becoming or establishing an Initiative?