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Project Manager for MyData 2019 conference

Employer: MyData Global ry, an international nonprofit based in Helsinki, Finland

Type: Full-time position

Start: Preferably January 2019, end: November 2019, option to continue in the organisation, contingent on funding.

Location: Helsinki, Finland

What’s this MyData 2019 conference?

MyData 2019 is Europe’s leading conference for and by personal data experts. It is the 4th flagship event created by the global MyData community, whose goal is to create a fair digital society for all. Held at Wanha Satama 25-27 September 2019,  the conference spans three days with a programme curated by international experts and features dozens of sessions and over 100 presenters for an audience of 800+ data professionals from over 30 countries. It is an associated event of the Finnish EU presidency. 

Right, what about MyData Global then?

The award-winning MyData initiative has just two months ago formed into an international nonprofit. The purpose of MyData Global is to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data. The human-centric paradigm is aimed at a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society, where the sharing of personal data is based on trust as well as a balanced and fair relationship between individuals and organisations. At the moment, we’re a team of five based in Finland and Estonia and our 500 members come from nearly 40 countries

The conference already has 3 years of successful history.
Take a look at the MyData 2016, MyData 2017 and MyData 2018

Are we looking for you?

First and foremost, we’re looking for someone who shares the values we work for and which guide our work.

We believe that a small group of thoughtful and dedicated people can change the world — because it’s the only thing that ever has.

We work toward a fair and trust-based society and we cultivate those values in our work.

Fairness means that everyone is heard and decisions are made based on the merits of the proposals, rather than by strict adherence to hierarchy.

Trust means that we work with plenty of freedom and plenty of responsibility, trusting each other to do each our part and to help us if we need it.

Another key value and mode of working for us is openness. We share knowledge actively and our tools, documents, and meetings are open by default. You can read more about our guiding principles here:

What do you do as the project manager for MyData 2019 conference?

You’ll create the best MyData conference to date! You are needed to bring in great fresh ideas for creating a modern, attractive event that exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders. To support you in this not insignificant task, you’ll have the support of a dedicated team, who have years’ experience of running the conferences. Your job will include coordinating the efforts of this team as well as making strategic decisions about hiring and/or outsourcing parts of the project.

In addition to paid staff, you will collaborate with an international community of hundreds of personal data experts and enthusiasts who volunteer each year for the conference. Your duties also naturally include the managing of the overall budget and finances of the project (totalling roughly 400k EUR) and reporting to the association’s general manager on a regular basis.

Our language of operations is English, so you’ll need full professional proficiency. (Finnish language is a plus but not mandatory.)

We want you not only to succeed but also to flourish in this position and that’s why we want you to be equipped with a passion for making the world a better place and creating memorable event experiences. We want you to have excellent people skills and leadership qualities that are aligned with our culture of co-creation and collaboration. You’ll also definitely need a solid handle on managing your time and priorities as well as experience with budgeting, project management in general, and event projects in particular.

In addition to the above, which are critical, there are some things that you can bring to the table that we would particularly appreciate. These include knowledge of MyData thinking and the personal data domain, industry connections and negotiation skills, a vision for marketing and communications for a project like this; and presentation skills. We also welcome experience with OKRs methodology, Wordpress websites, and graphic design software.

And what will we give you, in addition to a meaningful way to spend your days and a salary?

We are (obviously) the best team ever to work with, and we promise you’ll have fun with us alongside dreaming big and getting sh*t done. You’ll receive a full and comprehensive onboarding by the 2018 conference project manager, who will be a part of your team to support where needed along the way. You’ll also be supported by the community that’s grown around MyData and possess an incredible depth of experience and knowledge. We trust you to arrange your hours as you see fit and, while we offer you a desk at Maria 01 to work, we won’t mind one bit if you prefer to work elsewhere sometimes too.

And of course, the most important thing: you get to make a difference in the world and help shape the future of the internet and society. And that’s pretty cool.

Apply now!

To apply for this position, please email a statement of your motivation for applying and a resumé to core[at] so the team has the chance to review it. Note that the whole staff of the organisation is involved with reviewing applications and resumés.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely, the team:

  • Viivi, Programme lead
  • Teemu, Partnerships lead
  • Ansku, Communications lead
  • Sille, Admin support

PS. If you want to chat about anything in the above description before sending in your application, please reach out to Teemu or Viivi who are happy to answer any questions!

Teemu Ropponen, General Manager for MyData Global

teemu[at] // +358 40 525 5153

Viivi Lähteenoja, Programmes Lead for MyData Global & project manager for MyData 2018

viivi[at] // +358 50 375 8274