is a tool for creating meetups and marketing them among the users.


Scheduling a meetup

1. Join in the meetup – create an account if you don’t have one
2. Ping @sille or @salla on Slack to upgrade you to a co-organiser to get admin rights
3. Click ‘Schedule’ on the right side of the page and fill in the details asked. Please name your meetup by starting with the location, for example “Paris meetup for MyData beginners”, so that people instantly know which city you are talking about.
4. Share the meetup link on social media if you wish.


Why it’s important to start with the name of the city?
There is MyData Helsinki Meetup for Helsinki based meetups, and MyData Global Meetup for global meetups. The tool needs a location, and since Global is not an option, we put Barcelona there, since Barcelonians were the first ones to need this group. To make the real location clear for attendees, name your meetup starting with the location.

What are the admin types on

  • Co-Organizer
    A co-organizer can do everything an organizer can do, including the ability to view and manage transactions in the Money section. (Note: Only the primary organizer can receive and refund credit card payments from members.)
  • Assistant Organizer
    An assistant organizer can help schedule Meetups, upload and edit photo albums, oversee the message board, email members, approve or decline membership requests, add or delete pages or polls, add venues, and more. An assistant organizer cannot change the Meetup group’s overall settings, including editing the appearance or privacy settings.
  • Event Organizer
    An event organizer has more limited control within group settings, but has full control over the group calendar and can email members.
  • If you’d like to have a member assist you with a specific Meetup event but don’t wish to give them a recurring leadership role, you can instead appoint them as an event host.

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