MyData Operator Application 2020

The application round for the second round of MyData Operator 2020 closed on the Wed 30th September 2020 (midnight CET). We welcome applications for the third round starting from 4th November 2020.

The MyData Operator 2020 Award recognises operators of human-centric infrastructure for personal data management and sharing as described in the Understanding MyData Operators -white paper (May 2020).

Applications for MyData Operator 2020 status will be assessed in batches on bi-monthly basis. The first batch of MyData operators were awarded in July 2020 (see the operators page) and there will be 2 more opportunities to submit (September and November)

  September batch November batch
Applications open Wed 16th September 2020 Wed 4th November 2020
Applications close Wed 30th September 2020 (midnight CET) Wed 18th November 2020 (midnight CET)
Initial feedback Mon 5th October 2020 Mon 23rd November 2020
Peer calls 6th Oct – 8th Oct 2020 24th – 26th November 2020
Re-submissions close Fri 9th October 2020 (midnight CET) Fri 27th November 2020 (midnight CET)
Awards made Wed 14th October 2020 Wed 2nd December 2020


Application form will be open on this page during the application periods. Based on the experience from the first batch the application process including the initial submission, responding to feedback and community engagement may take between 5 hours to two days to complete.

It is highly recommended that applicants prepare the responses offline to be copy-pasted over to the form in order to avoid accidental loss of information during the form filling process.

Before starting to fill the form, please read the guidance notes (PDF). Among other important information the guidance notes include all the questions and maximum character limits.