Internal regulations for Thematic groups

These internal regulations are based on the MyData Global’s bylaws and approved by the association’s spring general meeting on June 16th 2020. These regulations are in use and binding for the time being. They describe the definition, governance principles, rights and responsibilities as well as the process for establishing a Thematic group and maintaining its status.


MyData Global Association (hereinafter MyData Global) operates globally to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data, as defined in the Bylaws1 and MyData Declaration2 (hereafter Purpose and Vision).

Thematic groups are officially recognised subcommunities facilitated and sanctioned by MyData Global that are interested in a particular theme within the MyData community. They primarily contribute to the Thought Leadership impact area identified in MyData Theory of Change3 while contributing also to other areas.

Each Thematic group is based on a Charter granted by the board of MyData Global. Thematic groups maintain their status and the right to use the MyData brand by fulfilling the criteria set out in this set of Internal Regulations and the Charter of the specific group.

Thematic groups are considered as part of “the Engine” of MyData Global and have a Formal Consultative Role in giving guidance to the MyData Global’s leadership about matters that affect Thematic groups collectively.

1. Establishing a Thematic Group

1.1 At least two MyData Global members can apply to establish a Thematic group by drafting a Charter4 for the group and providing it for review by MyData Global.

1.2 A responsible MyData Global staff member and representatives from other Thematic groups support drafting and reviewing the Charter and, once finalised, recommend it for approval by the board of MyData Global.

1.3 Once the Thematic group’s Charter is approved by the board, the new Thematic group is added to the official list of Thematic groups5, gains the right to use MyData branding and other rights described in this regulation and its Charter, and it becomes responsible for fulfilling the criteria set out in this regulation and its Charter.


2. Rights of all Thematic Groups


2.1 MyData brand: Thematic Groups are entitled to use MyData branding according to the branding guidelines as currently in place.

2.2 Support and guidance: Thematic groups have the right to support and guidance from MyData Global.

2.3 MyData Publications: Thematic groups can have their publications, work products, or other outputs published as official MyData Publications as long as their charter so stipulates and such outputs meet the quality standards of other MyData Publications.

2.4 Formal consultative role: Thematic Groups have a right to be consulted in a timely manner regarding proposed changes to these internal regulations and other matters that affect Thematic groups collectively.

2.5 Further rights which are applicable to only a particular Thematic group may be defined in the Charter of the group. Among other things, such further rights may be related to a share of membership fees, applying for funding, running projects, certain specific uses of MyData branding, officially representing MyData Global in other groups or institutions, etc.


3. Requirements of all Thematic Groups


3.1 Thematic groups are MyData subcommunities. Thematic groups may work with other groups or entities but cannot cede or share decision making about the thematic group in the process.

3.2 Thematic groups are required to follow these internal regulations in their entirety and all activities of a Thematic group must be aligned with the general purpose of MyData Global.

3.3 Thematic groups are required to follow their individual group Charter. In the case of any contradiction between the Charter and these internal regulations, the internal regulations will be followed.

3.4 Publication guidelines: In their publications, work products, or other outputs, the Thematic groups follow the publication guidelines in effect.

3.5 MyData Global has the right to use the name, group-specific branding, outputs, and any other material produced by the Thematic group in its communications and marketing and other activities that further the purpose of MyData Global.

3.6 Thematic groups must always have a Leadership Team of  MyData Global members. This team will consist of at least two (2) members who are either individual members or representatives authorised by an organisational member. The leadership team is accountable and responsible to MyData Global for all activities of the Thematic group.

3.7 The Thematic group must keep MyData Global adequately informed of its activities. The standard approach for this is to run the activities in open channels and open calls using the general tools of MyData Global and to actively inform responsible MyData Global staff members of any upcoming relevant events, actions or decisions. The communication tools and practices shall be defined in the Thematic group Charter.

3.8 Promoting Membership: Thematic groups are expected regularly to promote MyData Global’s membership and activities in their own activities and communications.

3.9 Further requirements which are applicable to only a particular Thematic group may be defined in the Charter of the group.


4. Closing a Thematic Group


4.1 The Thematic group will be closed when its Charter expires unless it is renewed.

4.2 A Thematic group can be closed by request from the group’s Leadership Team confirming that appropriate measures have been taken to offer other Thematic group participants the opportunity to step up as the successive Leadership Team, and that these efforts have been unsuccessful.

4.3 In case of infringements to these internal regulations or the group Charter, or a significant period of inactivity, MyData Global has the right to inquire and receive more information from the Leadership Team of the group about the reasons and/or any unmentioned issues. In case the leadership is not forthright and cooperative in handling complaints, MyData Global board may decide to give the Thematic group leadership to a new Leadership Team or close the Thematic Group by cancelling its Charter.


5. Updating these regulations


5.1 These internal regulations may be updated as needed in the association’s general meetings. Thematic groups are expected to acquaint themselves with updated versions soon after these are approved by the general meeting.


1 MyData Global Bylaws ( define the purpose of the association (Article 2.1 Purpose) and the means of establishing Internal Regulations that supplement the Bylaws (Article 9.1 Internal Regulations)
2 The MyData Declaration ( defines the high level mission and principles of MyData Global.
3 MyData Theory of Change is published as part of the MyData Global Strategy 2020-2022 (
4 Template for thematic group charters