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MyData medium journal
Medium is an online publishing platform of social journalism. Our articles give you an insight on current MyData related issues. They are written and edited by representatives of MyData Global Network or MyData Conference Programme Team. Read here!


What is it?

MyData Journal at is curated collection of writings related to MyData. You are welcome to suggest your blogposts to be included there!

The idea is to over time build collective of authors that contribute to the common knowledge base of human centric personal data. All postings will be shared and promoted also at mydataorg Twitter account.

How to submit your blogpost on Medium to MyData Journal

  1. Publish your article on your personal Medium account (you can create one from here).
  2. Notify Viivi (viivi AT you wish to include your text to MyData Journal
  3. MyData Journal will make a request to include your text on MyData publication, you get a notification from that.
  4. You approve the request.
  5. MyData Journal includes the text in the publication and shares the post on Twitter.


I don’t have a medium account, what then?

  • Primary option is to create one, it is really easy. If you wish not to create one, we can publish the text on your behalf, it is just sad not to show you as the author.

What if I no longer want to include my text in your publication?

  • At any point, you can un-include your text. Totally up to you.