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MyData derives from the human-centric paradigm which is aimed at a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society, where the sharing of personal data is based on trust as well as balanced and fair relationship between individuals and organisations.

The issues around personal data are far too complex for any single person, organisation, or sector to solve alone. And yet, we are on a good track.

There are a high number of projects, initiatives, startups, researchers, and others, who are putting the MyData principles, step-by-step, into practice.



Jan 23rd
3 pm (CET)

Identity in the digital era

  • What is identity in the digital era?
    by Andres Kütt

  • Fundamentals of identity networks
    by Phil Windley, Chair of the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees

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 Feb 27th


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Presented by Marie-Jose Hoefmans

Schluss puts you back in control of your personal information. Their tagline is “With Schluss you, and only you, decide who knows what about you.”


Presented by Robert Mitwicki

Minerva is designed as a new generation of a mobile digital wallet, similar like an analog wallet but for the decentralized economy in the Web 3.0 with a strong focus on simple to use interfaces. With the wallet people can manage their electronic identities and data assets.

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Consent Receipt Specification

Presented by Jim Pasquale (Kantara Initiative)

This global consent receipt specification aims to decrease the reliance on privacy policies and enhance the ability for people to share and control personal information.



Presented by Crt Ahlin (DataFund)

Fairdrop is an open sourced Consent Receipt Suite (using Kantara’s CR specification and storing them into Fairdrive decentralized storage.


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GDPR UX Patterns

Presented by Estelle Hary / Linc

Investigating the role of UX/UI design in data protection, this talk will present the work (report, platform and tools) made by the Lab of the French Data Protection Authority (LINC) on this topic.

Privacy Label

Presented by Tijmen Schep / PineappleJazz

Privacy Label is a communication tool to provide clear, transparent and multi-layered privacy information to people. Privacy Label can be integrated into your organisation’s website. Or you can provide specific information for every project, product or even just for a questionnaire on your website. Tijmen Schep is a technology critic and privacy designer, who coined the term “social cooling” to describe the long term risks to society if reputation systems continue to gain influence. Amongst other things, he works for the EU and the Dutch government, helping a wider audience understand the shift from information society to reputation society.

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Presented by Olivier Dion and Matthias De Bièvre

We are launching the ‘a New Governance’ initiative by MyData. The goal is to coordinate all the stakeholders of the ecosystem in order to propose shared and open standards for the free flow of data under the strict individual’s control, following the MyData values, architechture and principles. We want this project to be the result of a global discussion with academics, public institutions, non-profit, large corporations, startups and people. The project will start with the Brussels hub in November 2019, in direct line with the EU Commission, we now call for all the hubs to join the initiative.


Presented by Lisa LeVasseur

The Me2B Alliance is a non-profit organization fostering the marketplace of trustworthy technology through the creation of a consumer-facing Certification Mark to be applied to any internet-connected product or service. Two strategies infuse our efforts: (1) amplifying the voice of the individual to vendors, and (2) fostering real cross-organization interdependence and collaboration.

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