Who we are

We are entrepreneurs, activists, academics, listed corporations, public agencies, and developers.

For years, we’ve been using different words for what we do – MyData, Self Data, VRM (Vendor Relationship Management), Internet of Me, PIMS (Personal Information Management Services) etc, while sharing a common goal: to empower individuals with their personal data, thus helping them and their communities develop knowledge, make informed decisions, and interact more consciously and efficiently with each other as well as with organisations.

The MyData Global Network is a registered association to give structure and empower the movement.

Here you can find out who is in our board and in the core team.

The founding members are ambassadors for the movement – the action takes place in the Initiatives around the world.

Founding members

Starters of the movement – representing groups, companies of theirselves.

MyData Local Hubs

Local Hubs

All over the world, individuals form groups to spread the movement.