Local hubs

In spring 2017 we are gathering information from international MyData groups. Page updated continiously. MyData Alliance Finland

MyData Alliance is an open community which advances MyData pilots and shares knowledge and resources. The aim is to develop national (internationally scalable) interoperability model for personal data management.

Open Knowledge Finland MyData Working Group

Open Knowledge Finland MyData Working Group Facebook wall. Post include news, updates, links, questions and event information.


MyData muutosvoimana (in Finnish)

Project organised by Open Knowledge Finland an Oxford Research Oy. Aim is to collect views about how MyData could be executed in public services and what kind of impact it would have.

Digital Health Revolution

The vision of Digital Health Revolution -initiative is that future health care will allow citizens to control and make use of his or her personal data.

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The project combines the multidisciplinary world-class expertise in machine learning, human-computer interaction, distributed computing, cognitive neuroergonomics and human factors at work, available within Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Our objective is to develop Symbiotic Human-Information Interfaces, which pave the way for a revolution of knowledge work.