MyData 2019 conference

25-27th September in Helsinki, Finland

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MyData Global organisation

For a just, sustainable and prosperous

digital society

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MyData Global Network

The core idea is that we, you and I,

should have an easy way to see where data about us goes,

specify who can use it, and alter these decisions over time.

MyData 101

MyData Global is a registered non-profit association and a global network


MyData Global’s mission is to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data.

The human-centric paradigm is striving for a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society, where the sharing of personal data is based on trust. Our aim is to build a balanced relationship between individuals and organisations.

We believe it is time to publicly assert the values that drive us – and call on those who share those values to act upon them. Join us in reversing the paradigm of personal data. Join us in creating the MyData movement.

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The focus of MyData Global’s activity is in the Local Hubs and Thematic Groups.

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