Guest post: The “Secure Platform” concept for Europe – a trusted and secure foundation for a human-centric digital world

Written by MyData Global member esatus AG With the steady acceleration of digital transformation, information technology has become an indispensable driver of societal well-being and is now omnipresent: whether we place an online order, follow a virtual business meeting or do our daily workout routine. Everywhere we leave traces of information about us, which means...
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The State of MyData 2021

– A snapshot of the path to human-centric approach to personal data In less than 10 years, the concept of MyData, a human-centric approach to personal data, has gone from a research project and non-profit’s side project into a cornerstone of data strategies policies in Europe and globally. It has become an essential building block...
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Towards interconnected and human-centric data intermediaries

  MyData Global response to Data Governance Act, Feb 8th 2021 We congratulate the European Commission teams who have been working hard on the Data Governance Act proposal. It is not an easy task to bring forward a groundbreaking regulation. We welcome the regulation as a needed common ground for clarifying the role of data...
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Why We Need a Data Exchange Board to Improve the EU Data Governance Act?

  In this blog, a NewGovernance, iSHARE, INNOPAY, International Data Spaces Association, Meeco, MyData Global, SITRA and The Chain Never Stops – eight organisations of the Data Sovereignty Now movement – explain why the recently published proposal for the EU Data Governance Act is a very good step forward. They also outline their suggestions for...
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