Voting form here: https://mydata-global.org/agm-2019-voting

Please find below instructions for voting in the leadership elections for MyData Global.

  • On 16 October, all members eligible to vote in the elections received an official invitation to the autumn general meeting. This invitation included a roster of candidates for the leadership of MyData Global.
  • On 13 November at 13:30 EET, all eligible members were sent a voting code to be used in the online form for voting.

If you have not received this code (please check all tabs and spam folders as well!), please get in touch with the election responsible viivi at mydata dot org as soon as possible.

  • The elections were opened at 6:47 PM EET and voting will be open for 120 hours until 6:47 PM EET on Wednesday 20 November.
    • All eligible members will have the chance to vote for up to as many candidates as there are seats available for a given leadership team (9 for the board, 2 for the organisation representatives in the steering group, and 2 for the individual representatives in the steering group).
  • After the end of the voting period, the votes will be tallied (first votes for board members, then organisation representative in the steering group, then individual representatives in the steering group).
  • The autumn general meeting will resume on Tuesday 26 November at 6 PM EET in order to announce the results of the elections.

The rest of this page provides information on the elections to the Board of Directors and/or the Steering Group of MyData Global for the term starting Jan 1st 2020. These two leadership bodies have distinct roles defined in the association bylaws.

MyData Global was founded in late 2018 and currently we have an international leadership team consisting of seven Board members and four Steering Group members serving until the end of the year and five permanent employees.

If you have any questions regarding your potential candidacy or the process, please don’t hesitate to contact Deputy General Manager Viivi Lähteenoja at viivi at mydata dot org 

Below you will find the profiles of the candidates for these leadership positions:


Oct 1st
(45 days before the elections):
Candidate form opens. Two weeks time to add more details to your candidate profile.

Oct 14th
Candidate form closes at the end of the day (23:59:00 HST (UTC -10h), after this no more updates to candidate profiles.

Oct 16th
(30 days before the elections):
Final candidate list and profiles will be sent for the members. 30 days time for members to get to know candidates better.

6:47 PM EET Nov 15th – 6:47 PM EET Nov 20th
(Autumn General Meeting in Athens + online):
120 hour online voting period. Voting form here: https://mydata-global.org/agm-2019-voting

Elections page here: mydata.org/2019-leadership-elections

6 PM EET Nov 26th
The autumn general meeting resumes in Zoom and the election results are announced.

Zoom ID: 9554413568


Requirements and preferences

All candidates for the board must be individual members of the Association. In the steering group there are two positions for the individual members and two positions for organisational members. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact viivi at mydata dot org

We are looking for candidates with varied backgrounds of expertise and personal networks that can help the organisation succeed. Leadership positions in international teams are professionally and personally very rewarding experiences and we hope that serving on the MyData Global Board and Steering Group will be especially so.

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What it means to be a member of the Board

The activities of the MyData Global association are managed by its board of directors. Board membership is a unique opportunity to be involved in shaping a young and growing global nonprofit and helping it become an impactful actor in society globally. The current Board members have defined their role in this document https://mydata-global.org/board-role

What it means to be a member of the Steering Group

Purpose of the Steering Group is to help providing good governance in the Association. Steering Group assists the Board in its oversight, conducts the annual performance audit and recruits candidates for the next Board and Steering Group. These governance duties contribute to the wellbeing of the organisation and give Steering Group members good visibility to the global organisation. The current Steering Group members have defined their role in this document https://mydata-global.org/steering-group-role

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The Board as well as the Steering Group meets online monthly and in person during the bigger MyData events if possible. Board and Steering Group members also participate in the local hubs, thematic groups and other activities of the association.

There is no direct monetary compensation for the Board or Steering Group members, but depending on the association financial situation we intend to cover travel costs to the face-to-face leadership team meetings at least once a year.

Estimated commitment of time:

Members of the Board:
Members of the Steering Group:
The elected board of directors will serve a term of one (2020) or two years (2020-2021) after which they may stand for re-election The elected Steering Group members will serve a term of one year (2020) after which they may stand for re-election
Monthly board meetings (2h) and preparation (1h), total 3h per month Monthly meetings (1h) and preparation (0.5), total 1.5h per month
One-to-one discussions with the chair of the board, 0,5-1h per month
Following and contributing to MyData Global developments on a weekly basis (1h), total 4h per month same as for the board
Participation in general meetings (spring and autumn), MyData conferences, and smaller local meetups, total from few days to 1,5 weeks per year. same as for the board


Note that this application closed at 23:59:00 HST (UTC -10h) on 14 October.