MyData Thematic Groups, together with the Local hubs,

are the focus of MyData Global’s activity.

Thematic Groups are active teams of people and organisation, who have come together to promote MyData purpose and mission from the perspective of a specific theme or a domain. These groups are key stakeholders and sources of MyData Global’s Thought Leadership.

Read more about MyData’s mission from MyData Global’s bylaws and the MyData Declaration.

Currently active Thematic Groups:



A NEW GOVERNANCE #anewgovernance /
DESIGN #design / design[at]
HEALTH #group-health-data / health[at]

#mydata-operators / operators[at]

Get involved

  • Join mydataglobal workspace in Slack, our proposed medium for all MyData discussions.
    Get the invitation in
  • Join #community channel, discuss and get inspired by other groups and their activities. Check also the various domain specific channels, eg #health-data, #design, #mydata-operators etc
  • Want to initiate your own thematic group?


Please read through and consider

Please note that we are reshaping the Thematic Groups and draft new internal regulations to define the rights and responsibilities during Dec 2019 – Mar 2020. For further information, please contact Viivi Lähteenoja at viivi(at) We’re nevertheless happy to receive your application already now, and stay in touch about the process!



fill in the application.

Community lead of MyData Global will get in touch with you shortly after that!


Peer-acceptance call with a fellow local hub or thematic group initiator.

Upon the endorsement of the application by a fellow Initiator, the motion to approve the Initiative is put up for the Board of MyData Global.