MyData Thematic Groups

MyData Thematic Groups, together with the Local hubs are the locus of MyData Global’s activity.

MyData Groups are active teams of people and organisation, who have come together to promote MyData purpose and mission from the perspective of a specific theme or a domain.

Active Groups meet the requirements set by the Internal regulations.

Read more about MyData’s mission from MyData Global’s bylaws and the MyData Declaration.

Get involved

  1. Join mydataglobal workspace in Slack, our proposed medium for all MyData discussions. Get the invitation in
  2. Join #global channel, discuss and get inspired by other groups and their activities
  3. Want to initiate your own Thematic Group? Fill in the application on the right.


  • There should be at least two MyData Global members (individual or organisational) to form an Initiative.
  • Your application will be reviewed by an representative of an existing MyData initiative, who will get in touch with you for further steps.
  • You are asked to describe your Action Plan for the following year, while submitting your application. It is important that besides drive and vision, there are also some concrete plans for what will be achieved in the first year of operation. If you are unsure as to how to develop a plan, please get in touch with MyData Global team.

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