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Our vision is a human-centric and ethical approach to personal data, which aims at fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital societies for us all. It is essential to the success of this paradigm that actors collaborate on all levels: locally, regionally, and internationally.

The membership fee contributions help to fund a number of successful efforts towards a more stable global data economy. Read from the MyData Declaration what we mean by this.

When you join as a member, it’s possible to donate 50% of your membership fee to any of the MyData Initiatives (local hubs or thematic groups).

By becoming an INDIVIDUAL member you can

    • Connect and learn from the best data experts in the world
    • Influence decision-makers on the use of personal data
    • Support the MyData movement, the local hubs and the thematic groups
    • Share ideas and experiences
    • Show that you are future-oriented & aspire to use data ethically
    • Get discount for the MyData conferences
    • Shape the organisation, as members have exclusive rights to vote and steer towards the right direction

Some of the benefits that ORGANISATIONS get out of the membership 

    • Chance to introduce your MyData-related solution in our case library
    • Chance to introduce your MyData-related solution in our webinars
    • Promotion on website
    • Promotion on social media
    • Promotion on MyData slideset
    • Discounts for MyData events and partnerships
    • Early access and discount to the upcoming MyData Academy
    • Use the MyData-logo on your website
    • Voting rights to steer the MyData Global towards the right direction

    Investment in MyData is an investment for the future generations



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Your kind contributions will help us move forward human-centric approaches to personal data across the globe.

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