Why join MyData Global?

When you join the MyData Global, you are helping to create a trustworthy human centered data economy. Read from the MyData Declaration what we mean by this.

Membership entitles you or your organisation to have a voice in setting our standards, best practices and processes.

When you join as a member, it’s possible to donate 50% of your membership fee to any of the MyData Initiatives (local hubs or thematic groups).

By becoming a member you can

  • Connect and learn from the best data experts in the world
  • Influence decision-makers on the use of personal data
  • Support the MyData movement, the local hubs and the thematic groups
  • Share ideas and experiences
  • Show that you are future-oriented & aspire to use data ethically 
  • Get promotion for your organisation’s solutions and services
  • Get discount for the MyData conference
  • Shape the organisation, as members have exclusive rights to vote and steer towards the right direction

Investment in MyData is an investment for the future generations

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40+ countries

600+ individual members

80+ organisation members

MyData Global was founded in the autumn of 2018.

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