MyData Operator Award

Application round for MyData Operator 2022 award is now open at Deadline: 10 February (midnight UTC+0). Please see the schedule and further information below.

MyData Global collaborates with companies and organisations that provide human-centric infrastructure for personal data management and sharing. Their services enable individuals to access, manage, integrate, and re-use their personal data in a human-centric way. We call their services “MyData operators”.

MyData Global organises the MyData Operator award to recognise and celebrate organisations that have shown leadership in the personal data space. Awardees need to demonstrate how they empower individuals with the tools they need to manage their personal data. By participating in the award process, service providers join the journey towards interoperability as they search for common practices, standards and technologies.


To date, a total of 30 service providers have been awarded the MyData Operator Award. Awarded organisations were required to demonstrate how they create agency for human-centric data control, and how the data and value flows in their ecosystems.

To be considered for the award, these organisations showed how their services have the potential to interoperate with data sources, data using services, and each other. See the 2021 awardees’ applications at

2020 & 2021

  1. BitsaboutMe by BitsaboutMe Ltd.
  2. Cozy by Cozy Cloud SAS
  3. DataYogi by Information Answers Ltd
  4. Diabetes Services by Diabetes Services ApS
  5. by DIGI.ME Limited
  6. by LCubed AB
  7. Meeco by Meeco
  8. MyDataShare by Vastuu Group Oy
  9. Myfairdata by FAIR AND SMART
  10. Ockto by Ockto B.V.
  11. Onecub by Onecub
  12. OwnYourData by Verein zur Förderung der selbstständigen Nutzung von Daten
  13. Personium by Fujitsu Limited
  14. polypoly by pc polypoly coop SCE mbH
  15. Schluss by Foundation Development Schluss
  16. Self Innovations, Inc. by Self Innovations, Inc.
  17. Visions by Visions SAS


  1. CitizenMe by CitizenMe
  2. Fairdrive by Swarm Association
  3. My Information Tracer by NTT DATA Corporation
  4. SOWL by esatus AG
  5. Trinity Identity Provider by comuny GmbH


  1. comuny Trust Data Operator by comuny
  2. Fairdrop by Datafund
  3. by Geens
  4. MyLife Digital by MyLife Digital
  5. Numbers by Numbers
  6. Paspit by DataSign Inc.
  7. SeLF by Esatus AG
  8. Streamr by Streamr Network AG
  9. Tru by Tru Social Inc
  10. ValenciaData by Asociacion Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia (IBV)

Participating in the MyData Operator Awards

Receiving a MyData Operator Award demonstrates that a business and its operations have an ethical approach to personal data that gives individuals control.

Companies and organisations get to:

  • stand out in the sector to both partners as well as users;
  • gain an edge when bidding for contracts;
  • reassure investors and funders that you are taking the right – a human-centric – approach;
  • instill pride in their workforce;
  • join the growing MyData Global movement of ethical personal data companies;
  • get ahead of the curve on new legislation and standards;
  • become a crucial part of changing the personal data market.

Upcoming application rounds - MyData Operator 2022

Applications open: 12 January 2022
Applications close: 10 February 2022 (midnight UTC+0)
Initial feedback: 17 February 2022
Peer feedback & presentations: 21 February – 4 March 2022
Re-submissions close: 7 March 2022 (midnight UTC+0)
Awards made: 16 March 2022

Access to the application form is available at

Based on the experience of the previous applicants, the application process, including the initial submission, responding to feedback and community engagement, may take between 5 hours to two days to complete.

Before starting to fill the form, please read the guidance notes and the Understanding MyData Operators -white paper (May 2020), as we’ll ask you to describe your offering using language from the white paper.

Read more about MyData Operators and the reference model from the “Understanding MyData Operators” white paper (May 2020)