MyData Podcast

MyData is a vision, a series of principles, a movement, and a conference. Our objective is to develop awareness of how we, as individuals, can have more control over the data that describes us, and of the data trails we leave behind us in our everyday life.

In every episode of the MyData Podcast, hosted by Molly Schwartz, we talk to a guest about their experience with personal data and privacy.

On this page and on YouTube you will find the video version of the podcast. The audio-only version is available for download for your favourite podcatcher app by using this feed [] We are working so that the podcast will soon be discoverable also on your favourite music service: Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher etc.

Contact us at or @mydataorg on Twitter.


S18E01 - Gianfranco Cecconi

Podcast Gianfranco

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S18E02 - Jaana Sinipuro

Podcast Jaana Sinipuro


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S18E03 - Oguzhan Gencoglu

Podcast Ouz

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S01E04 - Esko Reinikainen

esko reinikainen

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S01E05 - Adrian Gropper

Adrian G

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S01E06 - Olivier Dion

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S01E07 - Mikko Hyppönen

MyData Podcast Mikko Hyppönen

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We thank the Metropolitan New York Library Council for letting us record in their studio at 599 11th Ave in New York City. Music is by @dcuttermusic / and Joakim Karud @joakimkarud /

(C) MyData 2018. The MyData Podcast was produced by Gianfranco Cecconi. The host was Molly Schwartz. Video and audio are available for redistribution under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC licence version 4.0 International.