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We follow these Guiding Principles in all interactions with MyData Global.


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Getting lost in Slack?

Check out the MyData Weekly Digest. It’s a news site dedicated to producing valuable information concerning human-centred approach in personal data management.

The information is retrieved mainly from the MyData Global Slack Channel. The Weekly Digest is created by our community member OwnYourData, a non-profit association, dedicated to helping you to achieve unrestricted access to your data for your benefit.



I know I have been in a MyData Slack before – why I don’t have an account now?

In MyData 2017 preparations we used Open Knowledge Finland Slack – this is a new Slack Workspace for MyData.

Slack goes against my privacy policies and I can’t join. Am I now excluded?

We had long discussions over the choice of tools, and Slack remains the best one for the community now. We can work together through emails too.