It’s time to accelerate the development of digital services in smart cities, by building capacity and collaboration between companies, cities and other stakeholders.

Companies and private sector leaders are critical to helping drift the shift towards smarter cities. MyData Global is inviting companies to participate in H3C – Human-Centric companies and cities project.

Personal data is at the heart of emerging data-driven digital services, but the technical and legal landscape can be a challenge for companies and cities to navigate. 

MyData Global’s training, workshops and events will equip companies with the knowledge, skills and tools to overcome challenges and collaborate effectively with cities.

H3C has been designed for leaders and experts in business development, service design, product development, data management and data protection.

Project objectives

Build Capacity

Trainings on personal data business for companies and cities:

In-person and online
Free of charge

Business development

Promoting collaboration between companies, cities and stakeholders from Uusimaa Region:

Linking solutions, developers, providers and cities


Training programme


Networking events

Rulebook learning circle

Technical standards learning circle

EU funding

The training programme will get companies up to speed with what it takes to create human-centric solutions based on personal data. Five online training sessions will provide companies with examples and tools to aid companies.

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The consultations will support companies interested in developing capacities in the area of human-centric personal data management as part of their business development plans.

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The networking events will bring together representatives from companies and cities, interested in human-centric personal data management and sharing.


The OmaData rulebook allows data to be shared more freely, transparently and safely, between people, cities and businesses. The learning circle describes this in practice – and how can companies get started to utilise data from various sources (incl. cities and other businesses).


The Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (or MIMs), are a set of practical technical capabilities based on open technical specifications that allow cities and communities to replicate and scale solutions globally. MIMs provide the technical foundation for procurement and deployment of urban data platforms and end-to-end solutions in cities & communities worldwide.

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The aim of this work is to provide a platform for cooperation between companies and organisations and Uusimaa while enlarging the ecosystem to the whole of Finland and Europe.


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